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A Superior Vitamin C

Ester-C® is two to four times as efficient as other forms of Vitamin C. Ester-C ascorbate has been hailed as the greatest development in Vitamin C research in 40 years!

What makes Ester-C so special?
The answer is natural vitamin C metabolites. These metabolites are produced during the processing of Ester-C and are biochemically the same as those created by the body as a part of the metabolism of vitamin C. Because of the metabolites, Ester-C can be thought of as body ready or cell ready. They make it possible for vitamin C to enter the body primed for the natural conversion needed for it''s use. It is the presence of the metabolites that allows Ester-C to be absorbed into the blood stream twice as fast and to be excreted twice as slowly as ordinary vitamin C. This gives a vitamin C tissue level that is up to four times higher than is normally possible.

More Bioavailability
Ester-C supplies vitamin C at both the tissue level and the circulatory level; also it remains in the tissues longer. Studies completed by Wright and Suen, and published by the International Clinical Nutrition Review (January 1990) showed that 24 hours after taking Ester-C, subjects had twice as much vitamin C in their blood and four times more in their tissues (white blood cells) compared to controls given conventional vitamin C.

Vitamin C in a purely water soluble form is constantly eliminated via urine and feces. Some researchers have reported that between 78 and 88 percent of regular ascorbic acid passes through the body without being absorbed or utilized. In a human study, Ester-C has shown a waste factor of one-third that amount. Megadoses, whatever the source, in divided amounts taken throughout the day are recommended so that the vitamin is continuously available at the tissue level.

No Side Effects
Ester-C was originally developed to provide a highly absorbable form of vitamin C that could be taken in large amounts without side effects. Many individuals are familiar with the flatulence, diarrhea, and discomfort experienced when large amounts of vitamin C are taken. This is known as the acid rejection syndrome. Ester-C is totally nonacidic and has neutral pH, the same as distilled water, eliminating annoying side effects.

In the Ester-C manufacturing process, the vitamin C is fully reacted with an essential mineral (such as calcium) resulting in a neutral pH and a strong mineral bond. Buffered forms of mineral ascorbates are also nonacidic; however, many are dry-blended which means that they don''t react until they are in your system, causing gas accompanied by stomach and intestinal discomfort.

SUGGESTED USE: one (1) capsule before each meal (550 mg.). As a dietary supplement.

This product is not a medication.